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My name is David Paulino. I was born in NYC, raised in Washington Heights and lived in the Dominican Republic for a time. Ever since I was young I would always be reading and always trying to learn something new. My love of learning was sparked by video games and anime oddly enough. I was always a fan of history and a game that I would always play Dynasty Warriors was based on Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In short the game made you choose between personas during the Three Kingdoms Era that would eventually lead to the formation of the Jin Dynasty later on. I would always try to learn something from the games that I played and the anime that I watch.  My interest are rather peculiar because of how different they might be. Having different kinds of interest can allow one to see things differently than everybody else, it is comparable to having a different set of eyes, each one having its own unique perception. With this kind of mindset I continued through life, I finished middle school, high school, and even college. Trying to find answers through every medium I would arrive in the same spot, with more questions and not enough answers.  I hope that through here we can find answers to some of the questions that we ask. That we may learn more of each other through our discussions and interactions. Respectable communication is the common ground in order to find the solution.

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