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Marissa Seely

Country United States - New Jersey 


Hi there! I'm a university student in my senior year with a passion for writing and editing. I typically enjoy writing articles about relationships, food, trends, money-saving techniques, DIY, and self-improvement. 

After obtaining my Bachelors in English, I hope to leverage my skills into a position in the writing world or the editing and publishing industry. In my free time, I love to bake, travel, read psychological thrillers, and of course, write until my hand goes numb.

I'm passionate about many environmental and social issues, including the preservation of coral reefs and ocean life, as well as the prevention and eradication of human trafficking. I would also like to research these issues more and incorporate them into future articles of mine here on The Latest.

My ultimate goal in life is to publish my own picture book for children and organize a local reading and signing at the bookstore in which I currently work as a bookseller. To see my own work on the very shelves I used to stock is a dream of mine that I'm determined to achieve. 

Opinion , Top Stories , entertainment , States , sports , lifestyle , extra , MyLocal , crypto , hottopics , others , Federal , breakingnews , Just In .


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