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Jordynn Godfrey

Country United States - Texas 


Jordynn is an undergraduate student at University of Houston – Downtown. She studies English and Technical Communications, and will be graduating in the Spring of 2022. Her hobbies include playing the ukulele, and cutting and dying her hair. Jordynn was born and raised in Houston, TX., where she still lives today with her boyfriend, his family, and their three cats. A creative soul, she grew up in competitive ice skating, dancing, and performing in musicals. She had begun to perform professionally, until COVID devastated the arts community. Now, she sticks with her studies and works for UHD as an academic writing and reading tutor. Jordynn’s a bit of a home-body, though she enjoys connecting with other people. She has thoroughly enjoyed having a bit more connection with people, even if only through screens, during her time tutoring. As of now, Jordynn aspires to work as an editor, though who knows what they future may hold! Though she does love a good plan, Jordynn finds that it is more beneficial to take life one step at a time. Right now, she is enjoying learning, writing, and growing.

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