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Crypto Entrepreneurs: Coins and Pitches

Bella Gadsby

Posted on July 25, 2018 15:19

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Experts at a cryptocurrency event offer valuable tips and advice concerning coins and pitches.

On Tuesday, entrepreneurs, investors, experts and the crypto-obsessed gathered for "The Latest on Crypto: Finding Money for Your Startup" at the Expert Dojo. The room was full of people excited to give and receive valuable crypto information. Chiefly, regarding coins and pitches. 

Moderator James DeCicco (right) speaks with panelists Alex Nascimento, Susan Brazer, Jason Civalleri and Kelley Weaver (left to right) at the Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday. 


Why would I buy a coin and not a share? 

Equity is a crowded space; the coin widens the playing field. One could almost think of it like another level of crowdfunding.

"Do it because you can," panelist Susan Brazer said. "It's a timing game. Things are moving so fast. If you're building something, keep building." 

Alex Nascimento strongly agreed: "On the entrepreneur side, you should do it just to do it."  

What are investors looking for? 

Unlike regular equity, investors in coin are looking for a narrative, a story. 

What's the best way to promote your story? 

Believe in your story. It's imperative that one sincerely believes the story he/she is trying to promote. Truly think about what the technology is going to do. "How [are] you are going to impact the world?" Kelley Weaver asked the crowd. 

TJ Chang (left) from and David Lewis (right) from SpringRole gear up to pitch to investors at The Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday. 


Pitching one's ideas plays a huge role in the cryptocurrency world. At this event, investors listened to several rounds of pitches and offered tips and feedback. 

Questions to Ask Oneself: 

-Do you actually need blockchain for this? 

-Who is the specific buyer that will purchase the system? 


-Know all the details before pitching. Don't pitch unless you know everything you could possibly know. This is particularly paramount if you are the founder. 

-If you have a long intro or story, cut it down. 

-When you present don't pivot. Know what you want, state what you want and give people tangible opportunities. 

Ido Adler (right) pitches Oneity to investors at The Expert Dojo in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday. 
Bella Gadsby

Posted on July 25, 2018 15:19


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