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Make Time For Overtime

Mill Woods

Posted on October 22, 2018 02:12

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It's not like the blowout is extinct - on Sunday, the Vikings and Chiefs ran away with the show. But close games are the new normal: seven out of 14 games went right down to the wire. And the NFL saw a 10th game of the season go into overtime - and it was only Week Seven.

I am not as opposed to overtime games as some fans and sports experts. Watching that thriller in London Sunday morning, I was hoping that the Titans would kick the extra point and send their exciting contest with the Chargers into overtime. But the Titans went for the win - argh! - and came up short.

The Bucs and Browns went into extra minutes, and it was worth it. A kicker who had already missed two field goals hit a 59 yarder to end it.

I went with the Bears to upset the Patriots, and they nearly pushed that contest into overtime, coming up just two yards short at the buzzer. Although I missed my bet, I was thoroughly entertained by a team that was considered hopeless only a year ago.

Two other matches that delivered the adrenalin were the Panthers' comeback from a 17-point deficit to defeat the Eagles and the the Saints' second half rally to edge the Ravens. Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to have been thrilled; the Steelers were able to gain ground in their division while on a bye.

I struggled to pick a winner in that Cowboys-Redskins showdown. The Redskins were the better team on Sunday, taking over the top position in the NFC East.  

And what can I say about the extended slump by the Jaguars? Blake Bortles, a quarterback who came a hair from the Super Bowl in January, was benched. Meanwhile the Texans, who started 0-3, have now vaulted to the top of the AFC South. Never let it be said that the NFL is getting predictable!

Looking ahead, the league continues to offer tasty fare for football fans. The Ravens will try to recover from that loss to the Saints by visiting another NFC South power, the Panthers. After their break, the Steelers get back in action against the Browns, while the Bengals, who were drubbed by the Chiefs, get another test against the feisty Bucs.

And, on Sunday night's big stage, the Vikings and Saints will revisit one of January's most memorable matchups. For the Saints, it's a chance to finally erase all those replays of Stefon Diggs' last-second TD. And, as it happens, the game has playoff implications - even though it's not yet November.

I won't be surprised if the upcoming slate sees yet another match go into overtime!

All those close games created my first week of sub-.500 picks (6-8). I'm hoping to get back in the winning column this weekend. Here are the games of Week Eight - and my picks.

1.  Dolphins at Texans                         Texans

2.  Eagles at Jaguars                           Eagles

3.  Ravens at Panthers                         Panthers

4.  Broncos at Chiefs                            Chiefs

5.  Browns at Steelers                          Steelers

6.  Seahawks at Lions                           Lions

7.  Buccaneers at Bengals                     Bengals

8.  Jets at Bears                                   Bears

9.  Redskins at Giants                           Redskins

10. Colts at Raiders                              Raiders

11. 49ers at Cardinals                           Cardinals

12. Packers at Rams                              Rams

13. Saints at Vikings                              Saints

14. Patriots at Bills                                Patriots




Mill Woods

Posted on October 22, 2018 02:12


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