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Olympics in Haiku

Ellen Levitt

Posted on August 3, 2021 02:43

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The Summer Games rendered in series of haiku by Ellen Levitt

This year's Olympics

Full of drama and masking;

It's memorable.


New sports included

Surfing, skateboarding, but still

No tug of war, boo.


Athletes competing

Their training never ending 

Until they're sleeping.


Opening night, watch

Each nation's potential stars

Clad in fancy clothes.


Pressure so intense

On each person to perform

At her or his best.


Gymnasts, their twists and

Leaps and vaults mock gravity; 

Please, land solidly.


Simone Biles chose not

To compete in matches and

World media gawks.


Marcell Jacobs won

Gold, in hundred-meter sprint

He flew like the wind.


Raven Saunders won

Silver in shot put, raised arms

In a shocking X.


Novak Djokovic 

Threw and smashed tennis racquet

After Bronze defeat.


Jade Carey won gold

Gymnastic floor exercise, 

Hugged her dad, the coach.


And I sit and stare

At my TV screen, amazed

At the track events.


Qualifying meets

The quick-footed heats of the

Runners, so elite.


They're jumping hurdles

Multiple. In sports, in life.

Mere mortals just gaze.


Are the Olympics

Inspirational? Or do

They intimidate?


The Summer Games are

About dedication, strength,

Willpower, courage.


These athletes grace the

World's stage, chasing perfection

And personal goals.


I admire their time

And efforts in the spotlight 

Of sports history.

Ellen Levitt

Posted on August 3, 2021 02:43


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