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Parity Propels The NFL

Mill Woods

Posted on December 27, 2017 17:45

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The end of the regular season is a good time to assess how parity is working in the world's most profitable professional sport. This season, the NFC is more competitive than the AFC.

It is not too soon to evaluate competition in the NFL's 8 divisions, because Week 17 is comprised of all division matches.

This season, the NFC is the more competitive conference, as evidenced by the conferences' total wins, 129-111. And the NFC South is officially the NFL's toughest division with a collective 35 wins. The NFC West and NFC North divisions are tied for second with 32 wins.

The AFC's top division — the AFC East — has a collective 31 wins, while the AFC South takes last place with 25 wins.

The final week of the regular season promises to be great fun, as almost all of the playoff rankings are still undecided. Viewership promises to be quite high this Sunday and into the new year and playoffs.  

In my view, the amazing degree of parity in the league is one of the main attributes that will propel the NFL to yet another 'championship' in the world of spectator sports.

Here are all the Sunday contests — and my picks. 

Away              Home             My Pick

Bears             Vikings              Vikings

Cowboys         Eagles               Eagles

Redskins         Giants               Redskins

Jets                Patriots             Patriots

Bills                Dolphins           Bills

Browns           Steelers            Steelers

Saints            Bucs                  Saints

Texans           Colts                  Texans

Packers          Lions                  Lions

Bengals          Ravens              Ravens

Panthers         Falcons             Falcons

Jaguars           Titans              Titans

Chiefs             Broncos           Broncos

Cardinals        Seahawks         Seahawks

Raiders           Chargers          Raiders

49ers              Rams              Rams

Happy viewing, and Happy New Year!

Mill Woods

Posted on December 27, 2017 17:45


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