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Ships Passing In November Nights

Mill Woods

Posted on November 12, 2021 18:07

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The NFL is seeing an unprecedented level of personnel disruption. Key players are popping in and out of contests due to injuries, while COVID news offers almost weekly uncertainty about playing status. To all of that, add the cutting and signing of marquee names, and you have a maddening recipe for team and fan uncertainty.

QB Cam Newton is headed back to Carolina. The drama queen, Odell Beckham, is joining the merry-go-round in L.A., as the Rams continue to gird for playoff battle. Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown are unavailable to the Bucs. Is mine the only head that is spinning?

Players and teams are like ships passing in the night. Some, like the Rams and Steelers, are headed 'north' — setting their sails to Playoff Land. Others, like the Jets and Jaguars, are headed 'south' in stormy seas.

And still others — like the Seahawks, Vikings, 49ers and Dolphins — are just trying to stay afloat and right the ship. That means a continuation of the drama we fans have seen (and some hearty souls have thoroughly enjoyed) since the first week of the season.

Here in Week Ten, no outcome is certain. There are a few I consider "likely" outcomes: I like the Bills to continue their winning ways against the foundering Jets, the Steelers to continue their surge versus the winless Lions, and the Bucs to take advantage of the schizophrenic Washington club. But I see several matches that are "too close to call".

Nevertheless, I will call them! 

I think the Saints will rebound from last week's dramatic loss by topping the teetering Titans. I liked what I saw from the Browns last week, so I'm taking them over the feisty Patriots. I don't see Cam Newton saving the Panthers from those Tiny Terrors, the Cardinals. And I like the return of Russell Wilson against those headless horsemen in Green Bay. 

By the way, all of the other NFL matches that I did not mention are guaranteed to be competitive. Beer or antacids?

My Week Ten Picks:

Bills                     Jets               Bills

Bucs                    Washington     Bucs

Falcons                Cowboys       Cowboys

Saints                  Titans           Saints

Jaguars                Colts             Colts

Lions                   Steelers         Steelers

Browns                Patriots          Browns

Vikings                Chargers        Chargers

Panthers              Cardinals       Cardinals

Eagles                Broncos          Broncos

Seahawks           Packers          Seahawks

Chiefs                Raiders          Chiefs

Rams                 49ers             Rams

Last week, my picks went 8-6.  It's nice to be back on the plus side of .500 but I am obviously looking for more.  Ten wins is good enough for a team to make the playoffs, so I am shooting to get back to 10 wins per week.

As points go up on the board Sunday, the "NFL Shuffle" should be blaring in the background. Don't recognize that song? I just invented it. It is the new NFL theme song.

Whether your team wins or loses, make sure to celebrate November, football and good health. If your team also wins this weekend, that's just gravy on your sausage dog. Have your Tums at the ready. And double-check to make sure you have enough beer.


Mill Woods

Posted on November 12, 2021 18:07


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