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Marlene Geiser

Posted on February 20, 2019 21:55

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In the building where I last lived, I got into the habit of writing poetry to commemorate holidays and share my vision of how one should live their life.

We presently live in a different apartment here in Vegas. The reason we had to move is because about two months ago, an electrical fire almost burned me to death. Fortunately, my husband grabbed me out of the flames, and saved my life.

While living in our old residence, I developed a habit of writing poetry and hanging it on the wall in the main hall of the building.

I would write poems to commemorate holidays, and others that were ideas that I simply wanted to share with my neighbors.

The poem that follows is one of those that I wrote, and which I hope we all can learn something from. After re-reading it, I realized how much truth was in the words I shared from my heart.

What was so wonderful about writing poetry and sharing it, was that it enabled me to get to know the people with whom I lived. Some of them became my friends, and will hopefully remain so for as long as I live.

I am delighted to share a poem I wrote, and sincerely hope that you too can see my vision of living a good life.



Life can be strange and you search all your days

For someone who knows in such special ways


Perhaps you have said the same things before

But as the time passes they mean even more


Feeling alone and needing a friend

For some it's a task that just will not end


it gets very hard to live life so gladly

When often alone you want something badly


it's hard to describe it and share with another

The void can't be filled by a sister or brother


What seems to be missing is true empathy

And so after searching you find it can be


The fear that the need will scare them away

Makes people avoid what they so long to say


Life is a voyage we think well may end

But learning the truth can come from a friend


A person who hears what you're needing to say

For some special reason makes pain go away


People are strange and they hide from the fear

Instead of just sharing with someone who's near


Wasting one's life in a small lonely place

We just let the fear prevent us to face


Someone can need the things that we give

So taking the chance may bring reason to live


Never forget there are others as well

Who need what is offered in what you will tell


Open your arms to a heart like your own

It will reach out and you won't be alone


I hope that my message speaks to you as well. It was written for my neighbors and now it is here for my readers at the latest.  Life has a strange way of helping us to reach out to people whom we never thought we would.

Marlene Geiser

Posted on February 20, 2019 21:55


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