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Pam's been passionate about pursuing justice, exploring culture, and offering grace in all aspects all her life, and she followed those passions into many of life's communities. As a long-time lawyer, she advocated for the under-served - children, seniors, and the disabled. As a community member, she helped young readers to find meaning in books; parents to understand how their children were feeling, and social groups do better at serving their communities. She's growing increasingly intrigued by all things technology, from wearable health tech to advances in neurological testing devices. She also enjoys watching the world both grow (in terms of global markets and evolving capacities across borders) and shrink (in terms of opportunities to connect and the instantaneousness of mobile communications). While politically she may lean left, she is also aware of the constraints needed to protect both people and the environment from inadvertent or intentional slights and injuries. Her preference is to respect all living beings, embrace the best that consumes the least, and sees only the best in her every single day.

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