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Falcons, Chiefs In Miami

Mill Woods

Posted on September 4, 2019 15:49

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This NFL season, I am looking for a changing of the guard. I do not expect to see a Brady-Brees showdown in February, as many pundits suggest. Instead, I'm looking for a Ryan-Mahomes shootout. But there's a lot of football to be played before the Super Bowl.

Last time, I listed the NFL divisions that I think have at least two contenders.  

AFC West - Chiefs and Chargers

AFC South - Jaguars and Titans

AFC North - Ravens and Browns

NFC North - Bears and Vikings

NFC East - Eagles and Cowboys

NFC South - Saints and Falcons

There is a major problem being in a division with two contenders: one team, no matter how good, must enter the playoffs as a wild card.  In the NFL's long history, only a couple of wild cards have ever made it to the Super Bowl.

So, the hard, cold fact is that two of the 12 teams I listed above will not make the playoffs at all, and teams that get a wild card will have a very poor chance of going to Miami.  The AFC East will automatically send its division champion to the playoffs (no matter what the record), and I think that team will again be the Patriots with the NFL's easiest schedule.  The NFC West will also send a champ to the playoffs, and I think that team will again be the Rams.     

Yes, my picks imply that the Steelers and Packers are no longer contenders.  These are still very good teams, but they have weakened — the Packers because of hiring a new head coach, and the Steelers due to the loss of two key players.

Here, in alphabetical order, are my 12 playoff picks:

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

LA Rams

New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee Titans

I did not seed the teams, nor did I pick division champs versus wild cards, but I must say again that the difference is huge in terms of playoff success.  My rationale for these picks (dropping the Vikings and Chargers) is this: the Chiefs will take the AFC West, and the Chargers simply have a tougher schedule than the teams of the AFC North.  I think the Bears will win the NFC North, and the Vikings have a rougher road to a wild card than the teams of the NFC East.  

I am very excited by the prospects of the Tennessee Titans, but I expect that, this season, the Chiefs will displace the Patriots as the AFC's top team.  In the NFC, I think at least four teams could go all the way, but I expect that the Falcons will win the NFC South and roll to NFC Championship.

If I am correct, both teams in the Super Bowl will be wearing red (a first?)  

The first regular season matches start Thursday.  Here are the week's matches and my picks. 

Visitor               Home             My Pick

Packers            Bears             Bears

Falcons            Vikings           Falcons

Bills                  Jets                Jets

Chiefs              Jaguars          Chiefs

Titans               Browns           Titans

Ravens             Dolphins         Ravens

Redskins          Eagles            Eagles

Rams                Panthers         Rams

Colts                 Chargers         Chargers

Bengals            Seahawks        Seahawks

Giants               Cowboys         Cowboys

49ers                 Buccaneers     49ers

Lions                 Cardinals         Lions

Steelers            Patriots             Patriots

Texans              Saints               Saints

Broncos             Raiders            Raiders

It's football time in USA.  Enjoy!



Mill Woods

Posted on September 4, 2019 15:49


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