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NFL: Strength of the South

Mill Woods

Posted on December 13, 2017 16:16

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If the playoffs started this weekend, the 12 NFL playoff teams would include 5 teams from the south.

The Jaguars and Titans from the AFC South are more than holding their own in the playoff hunt, while the Saints, Panthers and Falcons demonstrate that the NFC South - with a collective 30 wins - is clearly the NFL's strongest division.

The Panthers' impressive win over the Vikings kept them in the hunt for a potential division title and high playoff seeding, despite two losses to the Saints.  When the Falcons narrowly beat the Saints last week, the playoff hopes of the Lions, Cowboys and Packers faded quite a bit, because the Falcons hold tie breakers over all three teams.  Unless I miss my guess, Week 15 matches will cull the list.  

The Eagles have control of the NFC's #1 seed, but their losing QB Carson Wentz casts a pall of uncertainty over the conference leader.  The Rams' loss to the Eagles, combined with the Seahawks' loss to the impressive Jaguars, made this weekend's division showdown a must-win for both teams - the loser may be booted from the playoff picture.  

In the AFC, the Steelers now have a grip on the top slot, but Sunday's 'Game of the Week' - the long-anticipated showdown between the Patriots and Steelers - has the potential to knot things up again.

Sunday action promises many exciting developments.  Here are all the matches and my picks.

Away          Home                My Pick

Broncos       Colts                   Colts          TNF

Bears           Lions                  Lions

Chargers     Chiefs                  Chargers                  

Eagles         Giants                 Eagles

Bengals      Vikings                 Vikings

Ravens       Browns                Ravens

Cardinals   Redskins               Redskins        

Packers      Panthers              Panthers

Jets           Saints                   Saints

Dolphins     Bills                     Dolphins

Texans       Jaguars                Jaguars         

Rams         Seahawks            Seahawks

Titans         49ers                  Titans

Patriots      Steelers               Steelers        Game of the Week

Cowboys     Raiders               Raiders         SNF 

Falcons       Bucs                    Falcons        MNF

Mill Woods

Posted on December 13, 2017 16:16


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